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Fresh Food Services is a family owned and operated multi-use company specializing in grab-and-go food and corporate catering based in Philadelphia.  Fresh Food Services is the Parent Company of famous subsidiaries including: Good 2 Go (located in The Philadelphia International Airport and Gallery Mall); Earth Cup Coffee (located at Temple University Hospital) and Good 2 Go Catering (located in Northeast Philadelphia). Fresh Food Services is an ACDBE certified company with a strategic focus on growth and developing concepts in high traffic areas in both traditional and non-traditional retail settings.  



Founded by Joanne Plessas in 2009, Fresh Food Services owns and manages seven locations throughout the city totaling over 3700 square feet.  Widely known for “Fresh Food Fast”, Fresh Food Services is a leader in grab and go applications due to cost effective pricing, extensive product offerings and excellent product portioning.  The delivery and distribution method at the catering facility provides all locations remain fully stocked and reduces product waste.  



Fresh Food Services continues to be successful with its businesses as it strives for excellence through their company ideology.  “We focus on putting the customer’s comfort first by providing fresh products, pleasant customer experience, and listening to feedback from customers and employees.  That creates company loyalty.”




Joanne Plessas, President & CEO

About Joanne Plessas, Chief Executive Officer


South Philadelphia native, Joanne Plessas has worked in the food service industry for over 35 years.  Joanne studied at Pierce College but quickly recognized her passion for culinary arts. 

With a desire to place roots in her home town and possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, Plessas worked her way through various positions ultimately becoming owner of several establishments including Philadelphia staple “2 Street Cafe” located in the Gallery in 1990.  While keeping her family her first priority,  she taught her daughter and son the trade to continue the family business.  Joanne is currently an ACDBE certified food and beverage operator with over 35 employees.  As CEO, her focus is on business development and expansion opportunities for her brand.   

Kasondra Plessas, Chief Operations Officer

Kasondra Plessas serves as Chief Operations Officer at Fresh Food Services.  Her career began at age 16 when she worked in the commissary location of the business located at The Gallery Mall.  Her professional training included inventory, loss prevention, food costs, payroll taxes, stocking and overall operations.  After obtaining a degree from Drexel University, Kasondra joined the family business by managing business operations.  With a hands-on approach and attention to detail Kasondra is currently based at the Commissary and Catering facility which she describes as “the heart of the business”.  In addition to operational duties, Plessas also oversees HR (hiring, training, scheduling, etc.), quality control and purchasing. 


John Plessas, Chief Compliance Officer

John Plessas acts as Chief Compliance Officer within Fresh Food Services.  John’s responsibility includes all vendor relations, shipping and receiving, pricing, cash handling and quality assurance at all grab and go locations.  With a BA in Marketing, John graduated from La Salle University and was critical in the company’s inception by creating the foundation of the brand via the employee manual and human resources training guidelines.  


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